Light in the tunnel

I wasn’t planning on writing about any of it here, but I’m just too excited and want to share it with all the world.
The thing is me and my boyfriend have been trying to  get a chance to live together for a while now. And if I say for a while I mean about a year or even a little bit more. The problem is there has been thousends of kilometers, about 10 countries and billion piles of useless paperwork between us. And today I woke up in the morning sun shining in and a text on my phone saying: “Honey, I got the visa, I’m coming!” You can only imagine how this made me feel. Finally, a light shining at the end of the dark dark tunnel. And I continued the day with a victory dance and I keep on doing that. Whoop-whoop! 😀

Well I on the other hand think that...

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