Back in business



Here’s a picture of my morning “candy”. My way of satisfying the need for sweet is to mix cacao powder with water. Don’t need much cuz it’s so horribly sweet, that I’ll be good for a while, sweetooth as I am.

Anyway, back from England and excited to get around with some new projects and show some of what I did briefly before going on the trip. And maybe some shots from the trip aswell, tho I was so dissapointed in myself when I watched the pictures after at home and well getting ill wasn’t that fun too, but what you gonna do.

Being away from the internet for a week and coming back to it now, I found about 200 new posts in my bloglovin list and some more here in wordpress aswell. Good that I lost sleep before 5 am and been able to go through them all, but now is time to get into action. Posting soon!

Well I on the other hand think that...

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