Nutella jar transformation

I’m sure you guys have Nutella hidden somewhere in your kitchen! Now if you are as much of a sweettooth that I am, then it shouldn’t be a problem to empty your half full jar quickly and turn it into a centerpiece with some other old jars that you have been keeping for … well, just incase.
If that’s not the case, then your welcome, I just gave you a good reason to go and buy yourself one.
Truth to be told it doesn’t matter what kind of jar you have. Because jars are amaizing and that’s that.


Here’s what I used. Nutella jars, some leftover ribbon from the chain-bracelet project and decoration salt and ofcourse some candles, tea candles in my case. Decoration salt wasn’t my first choice, I was thinking about more earthy materials like sand or small rocks but our living room purple curtains are hypnotising.






5 thoughts on “Nutella jar transformation

  1. That looks amazing Sandra!!!! I love purple anyway and these are gorgeous. Thanks for following me and visiting πŸ™‚ If you are on facebook, would love to connect with you.

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