Make the day count

I stumbled up on this page the other day and it was exactly what I needed. A reminder that every day has something to offer and that you just need to crab it and hold onto the feeling and why not make a memory of it as you go along. So a week ago, on the very day I found the page, I started my own 100 happy days. This is what I have been loving the 6 days.


Day 1 – So happy not to have to worry about dinner. I’m not an awesome cook and rearly even enjoy the cooking specially during the week when I’m so tired after a long day at work. So going for fast food sometimes feels like heaven.

Day 2 – I love to bundle up in my bed in the evenings ti browse some blogs or another Pretty Little Liars episode. A cup of tea maybe a candle and definitely comfy PJs.


Day 3 – A goofy T-shirt. Loving to get new stock in the store. I always get carried away with kids clothing and wonder to whom I could get the coolest items from the rails. This one just made me smile.

Day 4 – Developing photos. Maybe I’m oldschool like that but I love the feeling of holding pictures in my hand and I also want these memories to be there for the future generations :).


Day 5 – Happy to be home. Although I spend so much time at work I could call it my second home, coming back in the evening, tired as hell –  the feeling you get when you walk in the door. My little nest, my  hideaway.

Day 6 – Valentine’s Date – On the day of love me and D had a lovely dinner in a cute restaurant with a beautiful view and delicious food. Here is the dessert part of the evening

So this is my week in a nutshell. Are you following I would love to see what is keeping you happy throughout your days.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Glimpse of the office

Don’t get the wrong idea. Office as in Miss S’s Office. See once upon a time I was dreaming about working from home, so that home would be my office, hence the title.
Now that I finally got the main piece for my living room – the couch, I have so many ideas to go further from here. I took a picture of this nook that has kind of grown on me lately.


I made: Simple necklace holder

I’ve been trying to organize my stuff lately and it’s been harder than you would think. Today I made a place for my jewelry using random things I had laying around like packing paper, old cabinet door, yes that’s right, some tape, a hammer and nails of course. And da-daaa!

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I made: Rental kitchen cabinets makeover

Hi everybody! I wanted to share this DIY project with you today. This is for all of you who are trying to make the best out of your rental places without investing too much money in it.
I hated my cabinets from the moment I first layed my eyes on them. They were old and broken and looked tired overall. Painting them over wouldn’t probably helped me out there. Also my kichen is very dark so I wanted something to reflect the light a little better. The outcome isn’t perfect and I need to do some bits over, but I was really exited to share the idea with you right away. Cuz it’s so simple and fun.
Also forgive me for the pictures are odd looking dark and low quality. I took the pictures during day time, I tried with and without the flash, with and without the lamp. Nothing really worked well enough, but here they are anyway.





I printed out a bunch of recepies, attached them onto the cabinet doors with a glue stick and covered them all over with a clear sticker, the one you can use to cover up your notebooks and books for school usually. Can somebody help me out and say how do you really call this thing in english? Do you have a special word? I think it cost me about 4 euros in total and had some extra even left over.

Have a sit

If you have been keeping an eye on my blog before, you probably know that spending isn’t on my list right now, far from it. But sometimes things don’t quite go your way and that’s exactly what happened to me. I had a dilemma between getting our own place a bit sooner or living like a normal couple with some real furniture right now. I picked the last from these two.

Last year, when we moved to this flat we didn’t have much. There was almost no furniture also in the flat so my sister gave us a tiny sofa for our living room. Not very comfy and surely too small for a room like that. We managed somehow living with it. Until I decided that enough was enough and gave it away to somebody who found a better use for it. This happened around christmas time. After that I just used the mattress from a single bed that the owner left in. I was thinking to make like a pallet couch kind a thing until I found out that we’re going to have to move out soon. So we put the mattress back on a bed frame just so it would be little bit higher. It looked terrible, I didn’t want to stay in the room even and it’s for sure not comfy but I figured it was only temporary.

Suddenly out of the blue it turned out, that we can stay in our flat for another year at least. And all I can think about is that it can’t stay like this for any longer. I mean, could you live without a sofa or a couch? So I found this lovely couch for us. We are gonna go for a darker colour. Can’t wait to have a living room that looks like one at last.


Found this one at

Dinner Table Makeover

I know I pretty much promised a fringe project by Monday and there’s still no sign of it. But I have a perfectly good reason for that, I took on a much much bigger project. It was pretty hard work and it became a definition to me – if I can do this, I can do anything. So I guess I can do anything now :D.



So this is what I started out with. Years ago we bought a wooden table with my dad. I had some kind of a black phase back then, so I asked my dad to paint it. That phase is long gone now and this table was just making our room tiny and dark.
So I started sanding, and went on sanding, feeling, no more like hearing how my muscles grow. This went on for almost three days.



I was so happy with the result. Yay all the way!


And this is what we have now. I can’t stop looking at it and smiling all the time. Room is ten times brighter!
What you think about  this transformation?

Turning white


When we moved into our flat there was some furniture in one room, it used to be a kids room. We disgussed with the owner and said we are only interested in couple of items. But the moving started so quick and they couldn’t take the extra pieces away, so she asked us to get rid of them. We ended up keeping most of the stuff. We took some things apart and used it for other purposes, but we kept them. We also kept this desk. On this picture it  looks kind of fun with it’s colour and not in too bad shape. Put up close it was really tired and didn’t hook with any furniture around.
I knew I needed this table but the way it looked only made me mad. I needed a place more inspiring. And white is something that just smoothes your soul – pure and clean. For a little accent I spraypainted the knobs and inside of the drawers bronze


I made a lot of mistakes, but I guess you learn best from your own. And even though I was impatient and it didn’t turn out perfect, I made it myself and I love my new office nook.

Organizing in the kitchen


Used all the jars I’ve been collecting for storageing tea and finished them off with very simple labels. Also put sugar in one of the bigger ones and painted the cocoa box white to reuse it – now it’s a nest for the buckwheat.



Cleaned up one wine bottle and changed the cork with one of these alcohol pouring nozzles you usually see in the bars and I believe I got myself one simple but yet so nice oil bottle. Sure looks better than a original oil plastic bottles on my kitchen counter.