17-Mai 2013

So this time around I have been trying out my new cam, getting into nail polishes again, trying to make the best out of my illness and enjoying the beauty of mismatched socks.

And that’s how I work out


This is how my room looks right now and I’m not even mad, cuz today is a wonderful day – iiit’s moooving day! Finally. I can’t even believe how fast things have been happening lately and that we can celebrate the beginning of our new life tomorrow already!

And for those of you who are heading to the gym today, good luck! I’ll be getting my workout for free since I will be running up and down the stairs all day (4th floor), with heavy loads on my hands, such as huge bags, boxes and furniture. A perfect way to finally get my lazy bottom up from the bed and start to get fit for the summer.

Bohemian Optimists


Got together with a good friend of mine yesterday to do some serious chating and changing of thinking. It mostly contained my head, well cuz it is just so much more messed up. It all worked out quite well, so here is a recipe for feeling good:
– a nice cozy cafe (in our case Boheem)
– creamy salmon pasta with garlic
– cider (amount depends on how low you feel/how good you wanna feel)
– and a really good friend to joke about the hurt


I’ve got some pictures from my trip to Haapsalu and an extra njammi 😀 one I made today at work but my eyes are closing already as I type this post…so I’ll get back to it soooon! Probably after a good night sleep and another 13 hours of work.