what a bummer!

I was excited to get home from the beach so I could make myself something and possibly blog or even make a tutorial about it but when I got home I was so tired I needed to take a power nap. When I woke up I realized I had forgot to buy thread, so nothing to do but to postpone it. I’m thinking Monday, cuz I’ll be working during the weekend. So think fringe and stay tuned!

But everybody knows that when one door closes another one opens – I’ve been sitting here for hours going through a pair and a spare – what an amazing blog! Beautiful ideas, smart DIYs. Super!

Week in photos?


Oh, I wish. In this case it’s more like “posts gone bad” or “best before: long gone”. Just to prove that I am taking pictures every now and then and think about my blog, even if I can’t find the time to work on it.

Besides, if i would have taken a weekly photos, it would have been all baggy undereyes, grumpy face, hundred of pizzas and even more energydrinks – sounds horrible, I know. But now that it’s over I’m hoping to get back on business over here and who knows, maybe there will be a week in photos after all.

Have a lovely day!

War with Mr. Crasher

I have so much to post about, but my pictures are all in the other computer and the other computer keeps crashing on me all the time, so using it gets me super stressed, it’s a circle you see.
We finlly got rid of the little ducklings wallpaper from the bedroom yesterday. Super-hyper yay!!! Feel so much better and actually want to hang out in there all the time now. I have so many ideas how I want to make it even cozier but I will start with that when I get back from the trip. Yes, trip, let’s call it a Mother’s Day trip. On Sunday we gonna pack our bags and head to London with my mom. I don’t know exactly how tomorrow’s going to be, but I really hope I can get the pictures from the crashing computer, let’s call him the crasher, and upload from some better one. Cuz there are still jars, jeans, earrings, room makeover and much more I want to share with you.

Hope you all have a nice crazy day!

Get them off!

Help needed! Does anybody have a good idea how to remove those decorative glass paint pictures from my windows. Despite the cutness, this is still my bedroom and I already have the tiny ducks on the walls and I believe one sort of animals at time is more then enough in there right now  😀




And yes, we still have some snow here. hopefully not for long.

April Fools



On Sunday we had a little get together with my family. Everything turned out great, we had some wine, talked to each other in all the languages we know, made a nice lunch afterwards and took a little get-to-know-your-hometown trip. Mom brought me some sprinlgy flowers from their garden and dad put a lavender-coloured paint on our bathroom walls, sun was shining and everything was beautiful, until it started snowing?!? I think this was the best april fools prank I ever got. “Hey, look, it’s springtime – NOT!” So thank you weatherman! I’ll be sitting at home dreaming about warmer weather now, cuz you know what they say – what you think about, you bring about!

A Love Letter

Hello, Darling!

Haven’t seen you for a while so I thought I’d write you a letter. How are you? Where have you been? I feel so terribly lonely and blue without you. The other day I spotted you on a street, that brief moment light up my day, I looked away for a second and after that you were already gone, hidden behind the buildings. I felt a cold breeze and it got dark.

I may be surrounded by many people during a day, but if you aren’t there, it just doesn’t feel quite right. You just give me a really warm feeling, I feel alive when you are close. You make me feel on top of the world, like I can conquer it, like suddenly anything is possible.

I’ve seen you on my friends pictures lately, got me really jealous. I’m not expecting you to be there only for me, but you heat me up and I just want you in my life. You always bring a smile to my face without even saying anything. I also found some of our old photos, I’ll add them to this letter so it’s easier for you to remember how much fun we have had together.

I know that your holiday is coming to an end soon and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. It doesn’t have to be a date right away. Don’t get me wrong, ofcourse I would love to lay down with you on the beach the whole day or sit in the garden and enjoy an ice cream like we used to, but right now I would also accept just to bump into you on the street or see you walking by my house from the window. I just want to see you at least long enough to get a blush on my cheeks.

So if you get this and you can, please take some time to come to see me. I love you, Sunshine!

Yours truly,
Miss S