5 Little Lambs

SAMSUNG CSC When everything else fails crafting is your ticket out. Today I spent some time working on a baby lamb mobile for my friends little boy. Even though the black sheep came out looking more like a black cat I still think it looks pretty cute. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC


Pimp my rain boots

Since the spring is decided not to come to our town and I am tired of wearing my winter boots I altered my rain boots while I felt I will be using them for couple of weeks to come.

To begin with I had these cheap leopard print wellies. I didn’t think of them much but I had them around just in case.

I used a hole buncher to have the holes for the ribbon to go through but since the ribbon was much wider than the hole I made two holes under one another to give the ribbon more space.

rain boots

rain boots

rain boots

What do you think?


Purse Makeover

SAMSUNG CSC Hello all you beautiful people! Today afternoon I decided to make myself a new party clutch. I have struggled recently having something small to where I can put my phone, cards and a lip gloss and go.
For this project I used an old pure I hadn’t really ever used and an old broken brooch.


First I cleaned the purse with a nail polish remover.

Then I inserted the the pin of the brooch underneath the original badge and attach the other side of the brooch with a hot glue gun (how in the world did I manage to live so far without a hot glue gun?!?).

And then I waited until it was cooled down.

And now I am looking for an event to wear it to!


Take care guys!

Dinner Table Makeover

I know I pretty much promised a fringe project by Monday and there’s still no sign of it. But I have a perfectly good reason for that, I took on a much much bigger project. It was pretty hard work and it became a definition to me – if I can do this, I can do anything. So I guess I can do anything now :D.



So this is what I started out with. Years ago we bought a wooden table with my dad. I had some kind of a black phase back then, so I asked my dad to paint it. That phase is long gone now and this table was just making our room tiny and dark.
So I started sanding, and went on sanding, feeling, no more like hearing how my muscles grow. This went on for almost three days.



I was so happy with the result. Yay all the way!


And this is what we have now. I can’t stop looking at it and smiling all the time. Room is ten times brighter!
What you think about  this transformation?