Had a cutie patootie baby boy

There has been a silence on the blog for quite some time due to me getting fat and giving birth to our little raisin. Since I want to have nice memories and keep track of him growing up I am planning to change the scenery a bit here and write updates about his milestones and possibly post loads of baby pictures on the side of some DIY projects.
Here is the first of many. Our little one week old raisin.
Baby Raisin



Hi guys! Long time no see! Sorry about that, but it’s nice to see that some of you still come to peek every once in a while.
Anyway it’s good to be back and I just wanted you to know that I’m planning a little turn in my blog. We have been talking about how pointless it is to pay rent and wishing to get our own place for quite a while now. D has been here almost a year, we are both working hard (tho I’m trying to find a new job, but that’s another story), just feels like it’s time. All we need to do is save up enough for down payment. There’s only one problem – we are awesome at spending all the money. So I have decided to dedicate my time to organize our living a little bit better and keep track of it over here. Maybe share some ideas with you guys and ofcourse I’m hoping to get all of your help and tips aswell.
And the best thing is, sooner we get our own place, the sooner I can start to decorate and do some awesome DIY’s. In the mean time beside saving tips I will dream about my future home and share it with you aswell.
I hope you’ll stay with me through this new era of my life.
Stay happy!

what a bummer!

I was excited to get home from the beach so I could make myself something and possibly blog or even make a tutorial about it but when I got home I was so tired I needed to take a power nap. When I woke up I realized I had forgot to buy thread, so nothing to do but to postpone it. I’m thinking Monday, cuz I’ll be working during the weekend. So think fringe and stay tuned!

But everybody knows that when one door closes another one opens – I’ve been sitting here for hours going through a pair and a spare – what an amazing blog! Beautiful ideas, smart DIYs. Super!