Those little things

So I started kind of a spring-cleaning today, tho it started to snow pretty hard again. To be honest I hoped a little bit that I can pack most of winter stuff and just make more space, but I guess I have to put this thought on hold for a while.

I tried to rearrange my room, but it turned out harder than planned. Partly cuz I have a tiny room and partly cuz I have a very heavy couch and it didn’t really want to cooperate with me. Pushing and pulling it back and forth for couple of hours gave me a quite good workout and I needed it, so all good in the end.

I also made smaller updates. Like changing the ribbons on my jars and the contents.

So I have nail polishes in one, earrings in the second and bracelets in the third one now.  Oh them lil things just get a tiny smile on my face :).