Denim Shirt Blingover

If this is not your first time around this little place of mine you already know that I love me some makeovers. I love the feeling of making something pretty or cool out of tired things, to give them new life. It excites me like nothing else.
My escape from daily worries. That was what happened today. I was feeling ill all day long but still decided to make something when I got home. I found a pair of old broken earrings and one of my favorite denim shirts and it seemed to be a great idea. So I simply sewed the earrings onto the collar to create a little spark. I am thinking maybe to cover the earrings with transparent nail polish to keep its color when washing. I feel really happy with the outcome! What do you think?Denim Shirt

Hope something has inspired you today!

Baby’s got Bling


I’ve used to be such a junkie for big earrings, but this obsession has faded, now I’m all about tiny shiny studs and statement necklaces. Here’s what I got myself today. And might I add they were a bargain!Fotor012919469

A Little Bird Whispered In My Ear





This is my summer inspired single feather-earring. Since the weather got warmer and I run across some awefully summery pictures on Tumbler, summer outfit is going trough my mind non-stop. And this little fellow here fits there just perfectly!
I bought my supplies for a long time ago and now I finally got myself together and finished it. Pearls and the golden feather is something I found on the street, can you believe?!



So on Friday I sent some CV’s around, cuz, well cuz I had to but I didn’t think much of it and wasn’t really hoping to get replied – I still have school until mid-april. But for my surprise I did, a lady from one company called me the very same day and said they want me to come for an interview on Monday. So I was putting my A-game on. If I really wanted this spot wasn’t an issue there, it was the matter of making them fall in love with me. So I decided to look nice and official by wearing a buttoned white shirt (I have one bit funkier one with a double collar from FunkyFish), dark blue pencil skirt, black wedges and the most sophisticated pearl earrings I have. I was looking sharp.

So we talked all about how I don’t have any practice in that field and overall I felt that I was babbling too much. But the chairman of the board across the table seemed to think otherwise, so I was supposed to meet him again the same day, after an hour and half actually already in another office to try to do something for him to see how I could handle this job. So as I was drowning in the piles of documents behind the desk, printing out same forms over and over again cuz I was just making stupid mistakes, thinking what a horrible impression I have made already, he seemed to be happy with me and telling me how good of a job I did founding one massive mistake in the application witch was going to the city government in the evening.

So we rushed out of the office to make it there in time, cuz government was about to close already. After that done we sat down in a cafe. Mister Important pretty much drank his coffee with one zip, said I was hired, put his furry coat on, jumped in his huge fancy car and took off.

I sat there a little and didn’t know what to think. Well I said to him I’ll be there but I wasn’t completely sure for different reasons. I called my mom and she was happy for me and thought I should go for it. Salary was really good, but everything doesn’t come down to money. I felt I have to take this job, that this is a good oppurtunity but at the same time it didn’t feel right for some reason.

I came home and my head was about to explode – what the hell am I going to do?! Some kind of 6th sense or something was telling me to be careful with this decision. I skyped about it with a good friend of mine and asked advice from my boyfriend. She said go for it aswell, he said I just have to follow my heart. One moment later I recieve a call from my dear mom, saying she googeled Mister Important and that he is a total scumbag in every aspect of his life. So I checked it out myself and the very second I typed his name in and pressed enter my decicion was made for good.

So this was the story how I was offered for a job, but I only accepted the egoboost I got from people believing in me and giving a chance to show how awesome I am and in the end get a credit for that aswell. 😀

Out the old and in with the new!

Done celebrating the fabulous New Year’s Eve for this time. Everything turned out to be ok and went without bigger problems, not to count me and Kadi being lazy as hell and not doing our stuff at right time as always. But it was great, cuz it can’t be anything else when you are surrounded with awesome people and enjoying good food and having a laugh! We even got to Independance square on time for the fireworks, lost there together with Maila, crowded by strangers, but still…

Couple days before I got myself some NYE accesories. Picked a nail polish to match my earrings and a liner, witch sadly dissapointed me, cuz it just didn’t stay on it’s right place

Even though we had great fun and all, I can help myself thinking that next year I want it to be more down to earth. Small country house in the middle of nowhere seems damn nice. Could just stay in our pajamas, play stupid games, have couple of drinks and olso hot chocolate with pepermint and would watch New Year’s Eve funny programmes from telly with my good friends and loved ones.

My lovely skulls

A little while ago I got myself a pair of earrings. The thing is all my family and friends think they are either ugly or … well horrible. Other day Kadi told me: “You know at first I thought you had skullsearrings, and then I was like – oh my god! YOU DO! But there’s nothing they could do or say to make me love my bling-eyed skull-friends any less. So please, allow me to present you, my little sweeties