Energy Drink Junkie Goes Clean

SAMSUNG CSC So the search continues. Next on my list is this much more attractive looking (is this weird that I am attracted to a drink?) mineral water based beverage. It smells a bit like the apple juice that grandma makes, kind of feels like drinking green ice tea but has a bitter after taste probably from the kiwis.
Overall a nice refreshing experience.
You can read about my first attempt for the better from here.

I did not do this for  the first drinks but from now on I decided to rate them so I could really figure out the best one. 10 stars is the maximum.

Aquell Vitamin water with apple and golden kiwi: * * * * * * *

Hope you are all energized!

Energy drink junkie goes clean


Vitamin energy

Let me start off by  saying that I have been a energy drink junkie for quite some time. It’s not that I keep drinking it all the time on a daily bases. I go more through these phases. Say I’m having a super busy time at work or I’m trying to make something at home happen after work I draw energy from a bottle. The worst part is I really enjoy the flavor of them drinks. Yep this weird chemistry taste tickles my buns.

After years of observations I have realized that these drinks are really taking more than giving. At first they will make your heart race and because of that it is really hard to concentrate. Your head is all over the place and your limbs just want to move. Also the next morning or maybe already in the same evening, depending when you had the drink, you’ll get this burning hangover feeling and let me tell you this ain’t the feeling you were looking. And to top it all we’ve got all these nasty ingridients it is made of.

Long story short I have decided to try a new approach and get my energy from somewhere else. I have planned to try out some vitamin drinks (yes I know it would be wiser just to start eating and exercise properly but let me just take my baby steps). So here are the first one I gave a go.


So what draw me into these two was the fact that these were fizzy drinks and I love ma some of that.

The first one was orange and mango flavored with vitamins and minerals and the other one was tropical flavored with magnesium,vitamin B6 and B5. They both tasted a bit like Fanta but less carbonated more like those vitamins you put in a glass of water and they susshhhh* there. They were also both orange liquids so similar in many ways.

I have to say I preferred the orange and mango one but in all fairness I don’t think it will be a product in my groceries list.


vitamin energy vitamin energy


The search continues!

Hope you are having a good time!



… I have been doing everything but blogging and I’m sorry. Mostly cuz work takes up a major part of my days (13 hours is a lot!) and by the time I get home there’s so much else to do and so much rest to take.

So here are a couple of pictures to remind myself it’s summer and all is good!

..keeps the dreams away?!


It started snowing again yesterday. I need sunshine,it’s the best energizer in the world. But now that it’s grey and snowing I’ll put all my hopes on these apples, to give me a little lift. If they will not work, then it’s probably going to be a sleepy day in front of the telly under a blanky and a cup of sweet tea in my hand.
I hope it’s sunny where ever you are right now!