To Do List For the Next 25 Years




My friends got me this awesome gift for my 25th birthday – a list of 25 things to do for the next 25 years. I love lists! Knowing myself I will probably leave most of them for the last “minute”, but I am definitely up for the challenge. One of the task says to “blog constantly at least  for one month”. Doesn’t seem like a difficult task for a blogger only non of my friends knew I have this little spot here. Now I’m coming out of the closet and share my little bits and bobs with them too.


All around is crumbling down

As I said I went to Haapsalu last week and beside other things I hung out with my dear Karamell. On this picture he is just smiling at me! 🙂

And I also built a funky little snowman..

And here is Haapsalu in it’s morning glory

And since I’ve had a quite shitty day and I haven’t rested properly, I’m gonna go and take a powernap..hoping it won’t last until morning.

Out the old and in with the new!

Done celebrating the fabulous New Year’s Eve for this time. Everything turned out to be ok and went without bigger problems, not to count me and Kadi being lazy as hell and not doing our stuff at right time as always. But it was great, cuz it can’t be anything else when you are surrounded with awesome people and enjoying good food and having a laugh! We even got to Independance square on time for the fireworks, lost there together with Maila, crowded by strangers, but still…

Couple days before I got myself some NYE accesories. Picked a nail polish to match my earrings and a liner, witch sadly dissapointed me, cuz it just didn’t stay on it’s right place

Even though we had great fun and all, I can help myself thinking that next year I want it to be more down to earth. Small country house in the middle of nowhere seems damn nice. Could just stay in our pajamas, play stupid games, have couple of drinks and olso hot chocolate with pepermint and would watch New Year’s Eve funny programmes from telly with my good friends and loved ones.