Before and after


This is what was going on in the bedroom before, nice lamp, yeah, but really truly too green for our room. I know you can tell too much from the picture, but trust my words.
Getting it down was much harder than I expected. It took me time and effort, but I did it on my own and couldnt be more proud :D.


And this is what we have now, big white fluffy ball, made with my own little hands. To me it just looks so much cozier. You can check more about the making from here.


Flower Power


Our home is still in progress so instead of little cute decorations that really make home a home, I’m more conserned about beds and tables and other furniture right now. That said I still want our surroundings to be pretty and cozy and I believe nothing does it better than flowers. I try to have some around at all times, so when one of the posies started to look a bit tired, I seperated the “not dead yet” ones and threw them in a bowl of water. And there you have it – a simple and pretty pop of colour. Flower Power all the way.



Week in photos?


Oh, I wish. In this case it’s more like “posts gone bad” or “best before: long gone”. Just to prove that I am taking pictures every now and then and think about my blog, even if I can’t find the time to work on it.

Besides, if i would have taken a weekly photos, it would have been all baggy undereyes, grumpy face, hundred of pizzas and even more energydrinks – sounds horrible, I know. But now that it’s over I’m hoping to get back on business over here and who knows, maybe there will be a week in photos after all.

Have a lovely day!

My messy weekly plan


Here’s a  hint from the morning when I was planning my week.

After I painted my soles red I realized that I don’t own anything red. Or at least nothing came to mind. So I decided to make myself something red. I also found alot of shoes that can be turn into something cool.
Yesterday I bought some bleach, so hopefully this week I will make one project with that happen aswell. I thought about this for a long time, but somehow always forgot to get the bleach. Go figure. What else…
Oh yeah, probably something with jars, cuz i’ve been putting some aside.

Now let’s pray that I’ll actually finish all these things I have in mind for this week.

Baby collage

I wanted to bring some new inspiration and motivation into the room after I rearranged it a bit and what a better and easier way than to change your pinboard. Unfortunately it is really late already and I need to get some sleep cuz it’s workday for me tomorrow so I only made a center piece, but hey, it’s a start, right?!


It got really messy and the outcome was simple and pretty small, but I love the pieces of these embroidered flowers. Like little bits of patriotism on my wall. I also came to a conclusion that I am in a desperate need of a table!