Hey, everybody! Today I just wanted to show you my Korean dinner look. I’m getting myself use to spicy food more and more every day, but I’m still def not there yet, so hence the face :D. Don’t get me wrong my Fire Pig it was delicious and it was great to have this cozy place all to ourselves for this afternoon.

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Baby steps towards the goal

So here’s the first post about how we try to spend less, to finally live the dream we have. I know there’s alot of tips out there and many ways to save, but the truth is you can’t start doing all the 100 great ideas at once. Well, at least I can’t. This will just get me depressed when I fail at one point and make me stop the whole run. So that being said, we well be taking baby steps. Easy and doable ways getting us closer to our dream home.

1. Free public transportation.
Starting from this year people living in Tallinn are able to use public trasport for free. This works awesome for us since we don’t have a car ( unbelievable and almost impossible – i know! ).
To get to ride for free you have to be registrated in this city. Funny part was that D who is a forigner, was written in Tallinn, but I was written into my hometown. I’ve been living in Tallinn for couple of years but never had the urge to registrate myself here. Now it was the only way to go. It took me about two pages to fill and a minute or two too drop it off to city council.

2. Stop eating out!
We are the kind of couple who on our days off together (never a full weekend or smth by the way) go to eat in a new restaurant or after a movie feel so hungry that can’t wait until we get home and be able to make something but rather hop in somewhere closer and grab a bite. We don’t usually go out for parties and stuff much so this is where our spending happens the most!
It often happens that a simple meal go’s on to some drinks and maybe end up with a dessert that you didn’t really need. Not to mention that nearby places usually have quite crispy prices.

3. Planning the meals.
This is one of the things I keep saying I’ll start doing but never really get to it, actually I did once and it was amazing and I should do it all the time – seriously, I know what I’m talking about. It takes a little bit of effort to figure the menu for a week (or when you are awesome maybe even a month or so) but it goes a long way. Make a list based on your menu and you are good to go. It takes so much pressure off, cuz you’ll know what you will be cooking you’ll know that you have all the stuff you need to make it and you won’t waste food. I realized the other day we throw out lot’s of food – that’s no good!

4. Making customer cards / bonus cards / members card etc.
Where we live coupons pretty much don’t exist, but to get discounts and offers it’s good to be a member at different shops and places. Some let you earn bonuses and use them later on, some give you discount straight away, some have special offers for you. As for now I still have two cards to make. Usually you just need to fill a form and maybe pay 1 or 2 euros for it, often it is for free.

5. Selling stuff you don’t use/need anymore
Great way to make a little extra for things that are hanging around the house but not being used. It could be clothes, electronics, whatever you find someone else would need more.