Make the day count

I stumbled up on this page the other day and it was exactly what I needed. A reminder that every day has something to offer and that you just need to crab it and hold onto the feeling and why not make a memory of it as you go along.


Day 17  – I decided to go to bed early. Something that i don’t really usually do, but should. I had a nice proper sleep and woke up early to Day 18


Day 19 – Not many things make me happier than a bit of a DIY.  You can read more about it on Denim Shirt Blingover.
Day 20 – I got very happy news about my cousin welcomed a cute healthy baby boy to the world. Got to love the babies.Day 21 – This was an overall awesome day. So me and D decided to celebrate it with some cocktails.


Day 22 – Another little DIY I made for our patio area. No worries, you will see it all soon!

Day 23 – Woolen sock party. Our flat gets pretty cold so we love us some handmade woolen sock. These two pairs we are rocking are made by my mom.


Day 24 – I am this silly and lazy little girl who doesn’t make time to have breakfast in the mornings. This day I decided to start the day the right way.

Day 25 – A browesome day, because I went to the salon and got my brows fixed.


If you want to see more of my 100happydays you can find the first ones here and second batch there.

Have a peaceful Sunday!S.

Back in business



Here’s a picture of my morning “candy”. My way of satisfying the need for sweet is to mix cacao powder with water. Don’t need much cuz it’s so horribly sweet, that I’ll be good for a while, sweetooth as I am.

Anyway, back from England and excited to get around with some new projects and show some of what I did briefly before going on the trip. And maybe some shots from the trip aswell, tho I was so dissapointed in myself when I watched the pictures after at home and well getting ill wasn’t that fun too, but what you gonna do.

Being away from the internet for a week and coming back to it now, I found about 200 new posts in my bloglovin list and some more here in wordpress aswell. Good that I lost sleep before 5 am and been able to go through them all, but now is time to get into action. Posting soon!

My messy weekly plan


Here’s a  hint from the morning when I was planning my week.

After I painted my soles red I realized that I don’t own anything red. Or at least nothing came to mind. So I decided to make myself something red. I also found alot of shoes that can be turn into something cool.
Yesterday I bought some bleach, so hopefully this week I will make one project with that happen aswell. I thought about this for a long time, but somehow always forgot to get the bleach. Go figure. What else…
Oh yeah, probably something with jars, cuz i’ve been putting some aside.

Now let’s pray that I’ll actually finish all these things I have in mind for this week.

Light in the tunnel

I wasn’t planning on writing about any of it here, but I’m just too excited and want to share it with all the world.
The thing is me and my boyfriend have been trying to  get a chance to live together for a while now. And if I say for a while I mean about a year or even a little bit more. The problem is there has been thousends of kilometers, about 10 countries and billion piles of useless paperwork between us. And today I woke up in the morning sun shining in and a text on my phone saying: “Honey, I got the visa, I’m coming!” You can only imagine how this made me feel. Finally, a light shining at the end of the dark dark tunnel. And I continued the day with a victory dance and I keep on doing that. Whoop-whoop! 😀