The forgotten “What’s in my bag” tag

ot a long time ago I got myself a new handbag. I was dreaming about a nicely shaped bag for quite some time. I wanted a neutral color but definitely not black. And then by accident I came across this lovely fellow.
I especially love that the sides are suede. the contrasting of the materials intrigues me.

So since i got myself a new bag it was a perfect chance for me to sort out the things I need to carry around with me on a daily basis. I needed to get only the basics in there, I have a bad habit to overload my bags. The size of the bag is big enough to fit a book or my tiny laptop but at the same time small enough not to carry my whole life in it.

ere you have it. All I need to fulfill my daily needs. Hope it stays that clean and neat. How do you keep an order in your handbag?


Collecting inspiration

First of all put this song on! I’ve been listening to it for about couplse of hour already, it’s so cute! Jayesslee – Gangnam Style

So today I wanted to share with you a place to keep my ideas besides pinterest. As much as I like keeping ideas and pictures and stuff in my computer there is still a part of me that likes to be able to hold and watch things for real instead of being so virtual all the time. I think there’s something to do with me growing up before the time everything turned to be only about phones and computers and other devices.

So here it is my oldschool kind of notebook. And this is how it usually goes down..


Here is an example of one of the page from the notebook, just cut outs from magazine and little hints on the sides.


That’s how it looks when I’m on the roll 🙂


My cute notebook – pretty and bright.

1-DSCF6906 1-DSCF6905

Just some supplies including an old Ikea catalogue.


All covered up


Little time ago when we were cleaning up basement, I found few old notebooks and they had olmost nothing written in them. Since the were quite old, they looked old aswell – scratches everywhere and colours faded and all. I wanted to use them still, cuz it would been just a waste to threw them away. I figured i’m gonna cover them up with some other paper and so i did. Unfortunately I only had enough cool paper for one notebook this time. I will def. do the same with others, when i’ll find the right paper. With this one I used adverts. from magazine.