Make the day count

I stumbled up on this page the other day and it was exactly what I needed. A reminder that every day has something to offer and that you just need to crab it and hold onto the feeling and why not make a memory of it as you go along. So a week ago, on the very day I found the page, I started my own 100 happy days. This is what I have been loving the 6 days.


Day 1 – So happy not to have to worry about dinner. I’m not an awesome cook and rearly even enjoy the cooking specially during the week when I’m so tired after a long day at work. So going for fast food sometimes feels like heaven.

Day 2 – I love to bundle up in my bed in the evenings ti browse some blogs or another Pretty Little Liars episode. A cup of tea maybe a candle and definitely comfy PJs.


Day 3 – A goofy T-shirt. Loving to get new stock in the store. I always get carried away with kids clothing and wonder to whom I could get the coolest items from the rails. This one just made me smile.

Day 4 – Developing photos. Maybe I’m oldschool like that but I love the feeling of holding pictures in my hand and I also want these memories to be there for the future generations :).


Day 5 – Happy to be home. Although I spend so much time at work I could call it my second home, coming back in the evening, tired as hell –  the feeling you get when you walk in the door. My little nest, my  hideaway.

Day 6 – Valentine’s Date – On the day of love me and D had a lovely dinner in a cute restaurant with a beautiful view and delicious food. Here is the dessert part of the evening

So this is my week in a nutshell. Are you following I would love to see what is keeping you happy throughout your days.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!


17-Mai 2013

So this time around I have been trying out my new cam, getting into nail polishes again, trying to make the best out of my illness and enjoying the beauty of mismatched socks.

A Love Letter

Hello, Darling!

Haven’t seen you for a while so I thought I’d write you a letter. How are you? Where have you been? I feel so terribly lonely and blue without you. The other day I spotted you on a street, that brief moment light up my day, I looked away for a second and after that you were already gone, hidden behind the buildings. I felt a cold breeze and it got dark.

I may be surrounded by many people during a day, but if you aren’t there, it just doesn’t feel quite right. You just give me a really warm feeling, I feel alive when you are close. You make me feel on top of the world, like I can conquer it, like suddenly anything is possible.

I’ve seen you on my friends pictures lately, got me really jealous. I’m not expecting you to be there only for me, but you heat me up and I just want you in my life. You always bring a smile to my face without even saying anything. I also found some of our old photos, I’ll add them to this letter so it’s easier for you to remember how much fun we have had together.

I know that your holiday is coming to an end soon and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. It doesn’t have to be a date right away. Don’t get me wrong, ofcourse I would love to lay down with you on the beach the whole day or sit in the garden and enjoy an ice cream like we used to, but right now I would also accept just to bump into you on the street or see you walking by my house from the window. I just want to see you at least long enough to get a blush on my cheeks.

So if you get this and you can, please take some time to come to see me. I love you, Sunshine!

Yours truly,
Miss S