Personalized Shower Curtain

I had this cute piece of fabric and I had big plans for it. I also had to face the facts and tell to myself that I am not as awesome in sewing to make these big plans come true yet. So I tried to find other ways to incorporate it into my little nest and came up with an idea to spice up my plain bathroom with it.

When we moved in I bought some very cheap shower curtains for a shop similar to dollarstore. I think they cost about 1,50 euros each and were just as thin as cheap. Now since I had one of those left I thought it would be perfect to use for this DIY.


So I sew the fabric onto the shower curtain. As I said before my sewing is quite crap right now (work in process) so it is far from perfect, but the bathroom looks still so much better.

Down here you can see how it looks on both sides.


I think it is pretty good for a transitional shower curtain – well this is what I like to think as I’m waiting anxiously for us to have our own place.

What have you done to spice up your place lately?Hope this Monday will not be too blue for you!





How do you feel about these photogenic sweets? Believe it or not I just tried my first ones recently. They were ok, but I expected something more. Is it just the hype or did I not get the real thing?

I just decided, being sad is a waste of my time!

Been feeling blue lately about stuff. But noone likes a girl who’s just moping around the house all the time, and neither do I. So I decided to take control over things or at least try to get back on my feet! With that in mind i started my day with a putting some bright colour on me and a delicious and pretty breakfast.



And to make it official, my dealer gave me a comedy to end the day with a smile aswell. Well actually he thought that I should watch it right now and I on the other hand know I need to do some stuff for school before, but it is so tempting to press play and have a blast…