Summer Evening



I made: A Dreamcatcher

I’ve been having weird dreams lately, so I decided to guard myself by hanging a dreamcatcher in my room. A traditional Native American object known to  allow only good dreams to filter through and bad ones to stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day. Idea was great, now I just needed to make one first. And that’s what I came up with. I’ll let you know how it’s gonna effect my dreams. Fingers crossed and sweet dreams!

Flower Power


Our home is still in progress so instead of little cute decorations that really make home a home, I’m more conserned about beds and tables and other furniture right now. That said I still want our surroundings to be pretty and cozy and I believe nothing does it better than flowers. I try to have some around at all times, so when one of the posies started to look a bit tired, I seperated the “not dead yet” ones and threw them in a bowl of water. And there you have it – a simple and pretty pop of colour. Flower Power all the way.