5 Little Lambs

SAMSUNG CSC When everything else fails crafting is your ticket out. Today I spent some time working on a baby lamb mobile for my friends little boy. Even though the black sheep came out looking more like a black cat I still think it looks pretty cute. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

Purse Makeover

SAMSUNG CSC Hello all you beautiful people! Today afternoon I decided to make myself a new party clutch. I have struggled recently having something small to where I can put my phone, cards and a lip gloss and go.
For this project I used an old pure I hadn’t really ever used and an old broken brooch.


First I cleaned the purse with a nail polish remover.

Then I inserted the the pin of the brooch underneath the original badge and attach the other side of the brooch with a hot glue gun (how in the world did I manage to live so far without a hot glue gun?!?).

And then I waited until it was cooled down.

And now I am looking for an event to wear it to!


Take care guys!

I made: Simple necklace holder

I’ve been trying to organize my stuff lately and it’s been harder than you would think. Today I made a place for my jewelry using random things I had laying around like packing paper, old cabinet door, yes that’s right, some tape, a hammer and nails of course. And da-daaa!

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I made: Rental kitchen cabinets makeover

Hi everybody! I wanted to share this DIY project with you today. This is for all of you who are trying to make the best out of your rental places without investing too much money in it.
I hated my cabinets from the moment I first layed my eyes on them. They were old and broken and looked tired overall. Painting them over wouldn’t probably helped me out there. Also my kichen is very dark so I wanted something to reflect the light a little better. The outcome isn’t perfect and I need to do some bits over, but I was really exited to share the idea with you right away. Cuz it’s so simple and fun.
Also forgive me for the pictures are odd looking dark and low quality. I took the pictures during day time, I tried with and without the flash, with and without the lamp. Nothing really worked well enough, but here they are anyway.





I printed out a bunch of recepies, attached them onto the cabinet doors with a glue stick and covered them all over with a clear sticker, the one you can use to cover up your notebooks and books for school usually. Can somebody help me out and say how do you really call this thing in english? Do you have a special word? I think it cost me about 4 euros in total and had some extra even left over.

I made: A Dreamcatcher

I’ve been having weird dreams lately, so I decided to guard myself by hanging a dreamcatcher in my room. A traditional Native American object known to  allow only good dreams to filter through and bad ones to stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day. Idea was great, now I just needed to make one first. And that’s what I came up with. I’ll let you know how it’s gonna effect my dreams. Fingers crossed and sweet dreams!