Photo session failed

Yesterday was a lovely lovely day, amazing weather so we decided to go out to take some pictures.  The park was filled with people and every other had a camera in their hands. I’m sure a lot of great memories were made.  By the pictures I managed to upload and the impression of the last one you can imagine, for us it wasn’t a very successful trip. Don’t get me wrong we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves, just the pictures came out pretty terrible. Enjoy! 😀


Let the sunshine in

So lately I’ve been dreaming big and looking for houses and flats available in our town. Not for buying, cuz most of them are way out of our prize range. But dreaming is one of my favourite things to do :). And who wouldn’t like to look at pretty pictures or things..
So this time I concentrated on natural light. I would love love love to have a place with huge windows and alot of sunlight. So here are some of my finds.


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..keeps the dreams away?!


It started snowing again yesterday. I need sunshine,it’s the best energizer in the world. But now that it’s grey and snowing I’ll put all my hopes on these apples, to give me a little lift. If they will not work, then it’s probably going to be a sleepy day in front of the telly under a blanky and a cup of sweet tea in my hand.
I hope it’s sunny where ever you are right now!

Now that’s what I call a Sunday


It was a really pretty sunny day, so we decided to take a walk in the Old Town. We crabed some coffee and hot chocolate on the way and enjoyed the weather.


Stopped by the archery.



Climbed a lot of high and really narrow stares to get to towers. Seriously, I think people had two times longer legs than I have, otherwise it makes no sense how they were going up and town these staris every day.


Just felt good about the day.


Now here comes a break in the pictures, what should include little bit shopping and a meal at a chinese restaurant. I’m sorry, but some moments have to be enjoyed only, so there’s no time for capturing it 😀

And what more relaxing way to end the day than to take a bubble bath with candles and sweet music and snacks and a cool cider on the side.


April Fools



On Sunday we had a little get together with my family. Everything turned out great, we had some wine, talked to each other in all the languages we know, made a nice lunch afterwards and took a little get-to-know-your-hometown trip. Mom brought me some sprinlgy flowers from their garden and dad put a lavender-coloured paint on our bathroom walls, sun was shining and everything was beautiful, until it started snowing?!? I think this was the best april fools prank I ever got. “Hey, look, it’s springtime – NOT!” So thank you weatherman! I’ll be sitting at home dreaming about warmer weather now, cuz you know what they say – what you think about, you bring about!

Light in the tunnel

I wasn’t planning on writing about any of it here, but I’m just too excited and want to share it with all the world.
The thing is me and my boyfriend have been trying to  get a chance to live together for a while now. And if I say for a while I mean about a year or even a little bit more. The problem is there has been thousends of kilometers, about 10 countries and billion piles of useless paperwork between us. And today I woke up in the morning sun shining in and a text on my phone saying: “Honey, I got the visa, I’m coming!” You can only imagine how this made me feel. Finally, a light shining at the end of the dark dark tunnel. And I continued the day with a victory dance and I keep on doing that. Whoop-whoop! 😀

A Love Letter

Hello, Darling!

Haven’t seen you for a while so I thought I’d write you a letter. How are you? Where have you been? I feel so terribly lonely and blue without you. The other day I spotted you on a street, that brief moment light up my day, I looked away for a second and after that you were already gone, hidden behind the buildings. I felt a cold breeze and it got dark.

I may be surrounded by many people during a day, but if you aren’t there, it just doesn’t feel quite right. You just give me a really warm feeling, I feel alive when you are close. You make me feel on top of the world, like I can conquer it, like suddenly anything is possible.

I’ve seen you on my friends pictures lately, got me really jealous. I’m not expecting you to be there only for me, but you heat me up and I just want you in my life. You always bring a smile to my face without even saying anything. I also found some of our old photos, I’ll add them to this letter so it’s easier for you to remember how much fun we have had together.

I know that your holiday is coming to an end soon and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. It doesn’t have to be a date right away. Don’t get me wrong, ofcourse I would love to lay down with you on the beach the whole day or sit in the garden and enjoy an ice cream like we used to, but right now I would also accept just to bump into you on the street or see you walking by my house from the window. I just want to see you at least long enough to get a blush on my cheeks.

So if you get this and you can, please take some time to come to see me. I love you, Sunshine!

Yours truly,
Miss S